Carousel online arcade – casino games offer

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Carousel online arcade – casino games offer

  • Has a B + online casino license


  • New dice games
  • Good payout percentage
  • Nice tournaments


  • No sports betting

Carousel online arcade – casino games offer info

Name Carousel online arcade – casino games offer
Website URL
Established 2012
Minimum Deposit 10 euro
Support Options E-mail, chat
Deposit Options Visa, Mastercard, Ing home Pay, Pysafecard, and much more ...
Withdrawal Options Transfer

Carousel online arcade

Carousel Arcade en ligne

Pac Man nv, the operator of the Carousel arcade in Hulste, West Flanders, also owns the Carousel online arcade. Pac Man nv has the mandatory B + license issued by the Belgian Gaming Commission and thus guarantees 100% legal gaming fun, correct payout and excellent protection for players.

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Carousel online arcade offer casino games

Carousel online arcade offers its players a wide range of casino games. Strong point in their range is the versatility of the dice games and dice slots. Carousel even seems to specialize in online dice games and dice slots. Not only the classic and well-known dice games and slots are discussed, but players can also take a chance at the more rare and also exclusive games.

Produweb Gaming, the company that makes commercial websites for casinos and is also known under the name Gaming1, provided a website (and also an app!) That is very clear and works well. Gaming1 also develops exclusive games for Carousel, such as the Carousel Mystery Box and the Carousel Dice. These unique games attract new players, but also offer added value to players who have been loyal customers of for years.

The range of is divided into the following categories: dice games, dice slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, virtual races and jackpot games. You can easily reach the category you want via the selection menu. There are also separate selection buttons in the menu for the top games and the new games.

Dice games

Dice games remain popular. The aim of the game is to place the symbols of the dice in a specific order to make winning combinations. A lot of thinking and tactical play is involved. As a player, you choose where to place the different symbols, so you yourself have a major influence on the outcome of the game.

Gaming1 has developed an extensive range of variants. offers the complete collection. Moreover, new dice games are regularly introduced on the market, which the online arcade adds to the range quite quickly.

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Dice slots

In addition to the wide range of dice games, the number of dice slots is also very extensive. Especially compared to many other online casinos. Dice slots are slot machines in which dice symbols are placed in a certain order at the touch of a button and thus at random. The degree of agreement with the winning combination determines your profit or loss.

At, players can choose between more than fifty different variants of dice slots. This includes the well-known games, but also more recent or more exclusive games such as Mojo Spin, Tropic Tiki and Dice Shooter.

Fans of these types of games can also bet on the dice slots at with a free spins bonus. With these games, a player can get up to 50 free games.


A good roulette game should of course not be missing from a casino’s offer. Carousel online arcade offers four variants: classics American Roulette and European Roulette Small Bets, 3D roulette and finally Midnight Wheel. For those who like this, there is also the possibility to play Live Roulette. Via digital techniques it seems as if you are sitting at the table live, bet on a red or black box or a number from 1 to 36 and follow the rolling marble until it finally stops. If you have chosen the correct color and number, you can earn back up to 36 times your bet.

Carousel online arcade Card games

Carousel online speelhal

Video poker

Poker has been a popular card game for many years. It comes in many variations, but the end goal remains the same: to get the best poker hand of all players! In video poker, the basis is the same as a classic poker game. You receive five playing cards, which you can exchange for a different card on each dealing round. The intention is to keep or exchange the correct cards in order to obtain the highest possible combination.

Blackjack or Twenty One

Blackjack, also known as Twenty One, is a very popular card game. Each player is dealt two playing cards. At each distribution round you have to decide if you want an extra card. Just like in poker, you need to make the right card combinations, where your final score is higher than that of the croupier but stays below 21. has two variants of twenty-one: the Single hand Blackjack and the Multi hand Blackjack. The difference is in the number of hands you play with. In the first game you play with one hand. With the second variant, you choose how many hands you play with.


There are two categories of jackpot games at Carousel online arcade: you have a chance at video poker and also at the dice slots. The online jackpot has 4 levels. These keep rising independently of each other. At a certain point the jackpot falls. If this happens while you are playing, the computer will redirect you to a new screen. There are a number of playing cards on this screen. It is now up to you to choose three playing cards with the same symbol from the cards. Does this work? Then you win the jackpot!

Carousel Hot Cash

  • Virtual Races

The range of virtual races at is rather limited, but they do offer the basics. You can play on horse races or dog races and on motorcycle and cycling races. After your bet you can follow the race live on your screen. After the game, you don’t have to wait long to take another chance. A new match starts every three minutes.

  • Tournaments

Just like in many other casinos, you can also regularly play a tournament on The advantage is that the investment remains limited, but that nice prizes can still be won. You can not only win money or bonuses, but also household appliances, electronics and even cars.

  • Extras

Carousel online arcade wants to reward its customers by making them a member of the Diamond Club for free. Every time you bet at the start of a game, Carousel will reward you with points. The more you play, the higher the number of points you collect. These points can be exchanged for, for example, bonus points or spent in the Carouselshop. As a member of the Diamond club you can also participate in competitions to win free tickets for an event.


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Payment and payment options Carousel

  • Bancontact (immediately)
  • Visa (immediately)
  • Mastercard (immediately)
  • Dexia Direct Net (immediately)
  • ING Home Pay (immediately)
  • KBC Online (immediately)


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