Sugar Glider Dice

Sugar glider Dice


Sugar glider Dice is a 5-reel 3-row slot game with 10 paylines. Alle prizes are for combinations of a kind. Matching symbols should be on enabled patlins and adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost, the rightmost or the middle. Oneach enabled payline, only the highest win is paid. Wins on different paylines are added. All prizes in the paytable are shown for the currently selected bet and number of enabled paylines. All prizes in the paytabel are shown or credits depending on the currently selected mode.

Risk game

Take your chance to double your winings up to 10 times! Choose a card form the four cards dealt on the table face down. If you beat the Dealer’s card, your win is doubled and you can try again. If the dealer wins in any round, you lose your winings and the risk game ends. All closed dards can be higher than the dealer’s card. All closed cards can be lower than the dealers’s card. Cards may re-appear from round to round. The pobability of cards being dealt is not aqually distributed. The joker beats all other cards. The dealer can never get a joker. Picking a card of the dame value as the dealer’s means a draw: your winnings don’t change and you can take another attempt. If you don’t want to risk, press the take win buton to quit and collect your current winnings.


All unfinished games, untaken prizes, unused accumulated amounts are saved for 7 days and then canceled. Saved results can be canceled before the 7-day expiration period in case of a sheduled system update or server maintenance. Please make sure that you have collected all your wins and prizes before you quit the game.

Game controls

Credits – view current credits or money balance depending on the mode set in the menu. When the money mode is set, this field also displays the currency code. Press this field to update the balance.

Coin value – select coin denomination.

Spin – start a game round with the current paylines, bet per line and coin value.

Stop – stop the reels (available while the reels are spinning). It does not change the spin outcome in any way.

Take win – add the current win to your game balance. Press again to speed up transferring the win to the credits meter.

Take risk – start the gamble feature (available when you have a win).

Bet – select your bet line.

Lines – select the number of enabled bet lines.

Lines number button – hover the mouse pointer over a line number button to view the topology of this line. In games where you can enable and display paylines, press to enable all lines up to this number inclusively.

Total bet arrow up – increase the total bet by increasing the bet per line

Total bet arrow down – decrease the total bet by decreasing the bet per line.

Menu – Access game settings, wich include the following sections: paytable and other rules, statistics, bet, grapics, sound and language.

Auto – turn automatic game play on and off. In the autoplay mode, spins are started and finished (andwins are taken) automatically. To turn off the mode, press the AUTO button agains. To specify the conditions when you want autoplay to stop in all games, go to autoplay settings on the menu.

Turbo – turn accelerated gameplay on and off

Hot keys

[space] – the same as clicking the spin button, or clicking/tapping anywhere on the reels; Depending on the status of the spin button, you can start a game (spin), stop the reels (stop), or take the win (when it suggests take win).

[up] – increase the bet per line.

[down] – decrease the bet per line

[right] – enable one more payline (for games where line activation is available).

[left] – disable one more payline (for games where line activation is available).


Rien ne va plus wenst u veel succes!

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